Theme: Theme: Revolutionary strategies of improving health with best Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition 2021

Clinical Nutrition 2021

ConferenceSeries LLC Ltd is a renowned organization that organizes highly notable conferences throughout the globe. Currently we are bringing forth27th International Conference on Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (Clinical Nutrition 2021) held during November 25-26, 2021 at Webinar. This Clinical Nutrition Conference mainly focuses on the theme

Revolutionary strategies of improving health with best Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition takes an initiative to provide health practitioners an understanding of the vital role of nutrition in healing and well-being. Clinical Nutrition 2021 is aimed to provide a distinguished opportunity to the professionals in the field of nutrition and dietetics to discuss the latest research and challenges in the Clinical Nutrition field. Clinical Nutrition is designed to provide an exclusive platform for clinical nutritionists, registered dietitians, and other health-care professionals, researchers, and students working in the field to deliberately, exchange their views and experiences in front of a large international audience.

Clinical Nutrition Conferences welcomes Presidents, CEO’s, Nutritionists, Dietitians, Clinical Nutritionists, Nutritional scientists and researchers in nutrition & food sectors, Delegates and industry executives from nutritional and healthcare industries to participate in the interactive scientific-sessions, B2B meetings and panel discussions. The companies dealing with nutritional products and supplements can exhibit their products in the Nutrition exhibition and expo.

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Nutrition science is an amalgamation of science and healthcare, as is essentially the rest of the broad field of medicine. Both areas of endeavor have had their origins in curiosity, empirical observations, concepts, innovations, experimentations, philosophy, ideals, and the practical application or translation of newly acquired, accumulated, evaluated, and appraised knowledge and experience to Clinical Nutrition use. Moreover, this phenomenal increase in knowledge, technology, and expertise is likely to continue in the foreseeable future and to have a significant influence on the application of nutrition science to the practice of medicine, Clinical Nutrition, maintenance of health, and achievement of optimal Clinical Nutrition and human performance outcomes. 27th International Conference on Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics will focus on promoting awareness and help in tackling the chronic nutritional disorders and diseases and clinical malnutrition faced by mankind.

  • Clinical Nutritionists
  • Registered Dieticians
  • Directors and Professors of Health-Care
  • Post-doctoral and Doctoral fellows working on Nutrition research field
  • Researchers and Scientists
  • Training Institutes
  • Universities and College Students
  • Nutrition and Food science Associates
  • Nutrition based Companies
  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • All the accepted speaker abstracts will be published in the respective supporting journals and receive DOI provided by CrossRef.
  • Networking with experts in your field.
  • Expert Forums.
  • Career Development Sessions.
  • Best Poster Awards.
  • Workshops and Exhibitions
Benefits of attending
  • Augment the greatest asset you have
  • Self-renew yourself
  • Meet experts face to face
  • Assimilate the vigor of compatible individual
  • Explode from antiquity
  • Acquire the greatest focus
  • Opportunity to create a professional network 

Track 1: Clinical Nutrition

Track 2: Nutrition & Dietetics

Track 3: Food and Nutrition

Track 4: Nutrition in Anti-aging Treatment

Track 5: Nutrition Disorders

Track 6: Women and Maternal Nutrition-Dietary Plans

Track 7: Sports Nutrition

Track 8: Nutrition Technology

Track 9: Probiotics and Prebiotics

Track 10: Pediatric Nutrition

Track 11: Plant and Animal Nutrition

Track 12: Trends in Nutrition

Track 13: NutritionDiabetes and Obesity

Track 14: Brain Nutrition

Track 15: Diabetes Nutrition

Track 16: Nutritional Physiology and Food Biochemistry

Track 17: Balanced Diet- Measures and Recommendations

Track 18: Research in Nutrition and Food sciences

Track 19: Nutrition & Cardiovascular health


 Abstract Submission Criteria and Eligibility



  • Presenting authors are responsible for registration, travel, and hotel costs. Note: Those with accepted abstracts will receive an acceptance mail allowing them to register for the conference.
  • Abstracts will be compiled and conference books are made available to participants at the conference.
  • Any presenter who is unable to attend should arrange for another qualified individual to present the paper/poster in question. If such a change is necessary, please notify our conference team


  • Oral paper presentations will have 30-minute time slots and be clustered by theme into sessions. The keynote session will have for 45-minute time slot, workshop/ special session will have 60-minute time slot and symposium will have 60-minute time slot followed by 5-minute Q&A session.
  • Graduate & Masters students are eligible to submit their abstracts under poster and e-poster presentation category.
  • Ph.D. students are eligible to submit their abstract under special YRF (young researcher’s forum), poster and e-poster presentation category.

NOTE: YRF category includes short oral presentation especially for Ph. D. students

  • Extended abstract: Submissions should utilize the Abstract Template. Papers submitted in this category may represent original empirical research, theoretical development, reviews or critiques.

Clinical Nutrition Market Overview:

The global clinical nutrition market size was valued at $32,495.97 million in 2020, and is projected to reach $51,128.26 million by 2028, registering a CAGR of 6.1% from 2021 to 2028.

Clinical nutrition product is a type of pharmaceutical product that helps to keep a patient healthy. It helps to improve the metabolic system by providing adequate supplements such as minerals, vitamins, and others. Clinical nutrition diagnosis and treat diseases that affect the intake, intestinal absorption, and metabolism of constituents of the diet, and help promote health through prevention of diet-related diseases. It works in both acute and ambulatory care settings, which includes cardiac rehabilitation, renal dialysis, diabetes, pediatrics, nutrition support, cancer, trauma, wellness centers, and community-based intervention programs. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to have a strong influence on the clinical nutrition products market, as the demand for nutritional management, particularly among children and older population, continues to witness consistent growth. The demand for clinical nutrition products amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is on the rise, as consumers are seeking various immunity-boosting alternatives to prevent being infected from the novel coronavirus. The onset of pandemic, older people and patients are at the risk of malnutrition. The infection also causes a serve lack of appetite, along with other symptoms such as anosmia dysgeusia, or diarrhea, both of which raise the risk of disease related malnutrition. Acute malnutrition caused by COVID-19 infection led to increase in loss of muscle mass and a deterioration of immune defenses.

Moreover, some of the medication used in treating malnutrition can exacerbate the effects caused by Covid-19, which can enhance the demand for the clinical nutrition market. Hence, the clinical nutrition market is negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The growth of the global clinical nutrition market is majorly driven by rise in prevalence of metabolic disorders, high spending on healthcare, and the rise of the middle class in emerging economies. Further, the growing number of elderly population and development of clinical nutrition products specific to ageing population is expected to thrive the market growth. However, certain restraints such as lack of awareness for clinical medical nutrition and stringent regulations, are hampering the market growth for clinical nutrition. 


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Conference Date November 25-26, 2021
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